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UPDATE: Terms of Lundqvist’s Contract Revealed

The Rangers have finally disclosed the terms of Lundqvist’s deal, and it is worth a whopping $6.875 million per year for six years — a total of $41.25 million. The contract also includes a no-trade clause that kicks in during the 2009-10 season. The way his no-trade clause works is that if the team informs Lundqvist he is to be traded, he would be allowed to list 8 teams that he could not be traded to.

King Henrik is now the league’s highest-paid goalie, eclipsing the Canucks’ Roberto Luongo, who makes a paltry $6.75 million per year. Now he can definitely afford that swanky UWS apartment he bought last year.

About the author:  Marc is a Long Island native and a hockey goalie. He has been a Rangers fan for as long as he can remember, although, in the interest of full disclosure, there was a time during the 1993 playoffs when he vaguely remembers cheering for Pierre Turgeon and the Islanders after the Dale Hunter cheap shot. His favorite Ranger of all time is Mike Richter.

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