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NHL and Continental Hockey League reach agreement on player transfers

The NHL and the newly formed Russian Continental Hockey League (abbreviated KHL) agreed today at a meeting in Zurich to respect the validity of player contracts across all borders.

The immediate impact of the agreement will be to put an end to KHL teams offering big money to NHL players if they walk out on the remaining years of their NHL contracts.

In the long-term, this agreement will serve to stimulate the rapid globalization of the game of hockey.  The possibility of a 2012 Hockey World Cup was reportedly discussed but no concrete plans were made.

Is it out of the question to ponder the possibility of a worldwide league within a decade where the winner of the Stanley Cup would meet the winner of the Gagarin Cup in a yearly World Championship??

Read the full article here.

About the author:  Marc is a Long Island native and a hockey goalie. He has been a Rangers fan for as long as he can remember, although, in the interest of full disclosure, there was a time during the 1993 playoffs when he vaguely remembers cheering for Pierre Turgeon and the Islanders after the Dale Hunter cheap shot. His favorite Ranger of all time is Mike Richter.

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  6. 1) You guys have to be laughing your asses off on what the Islanders are doing!