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5-hole.com Pick ‘em – Get Your Bling – 12/9/08

The Mets got K-Rod!


  • The Detroit Red Wings got their Stanley Cup Rings on Sunday.  Says Niklas Kronwall, “It’s huge, just huge.  I’ve never seen anything like it.”  (Ed. Note: that’s what she said). How long before one of these rings is on eBay?
  • sundinMats Sundin will be in town on poker related business and will attend the Rangers’ game against the Hurricanes this weekend.  Will Slats pull a rabbit out of his hat?  Probably not.  The Rangers have zero cap room.

Picks coming up as soon as I finish up with Elisha…

#28 New York Islanders @ #11 Philadelphia Flyers

Eric – Philly – Islanders playing the second game of a back to back and the fans in Philly can be pretty intimidating.
Marc – Philly – Isles in the 2nd game of a b2b. *gimmie*
Rory – Philly – Only because they’re doing better in the standings.  I hate them both.  Picking a winner for this game is like deciding between drinking rancid milk or eating rancid beef.  Either way, the outcome is terrible. *gimmie*

#7 Calgary Flames @ #5 Montreal Canadiens

Eric – Flames – Halak gets the nod and the Flames are red hot.
Marc – Flames – Flames are strong defensively and the Habs are starting Halak instead of Price.
Rory - Flames – No Habs No!

#8 Vancouver Canucks @ #15 Nashville Predators

Eric – Canucks - Preds just flew in from St. Louis.  Canucks have been strong in the absence of Luongo. *gimmie*
Marc – Preds – I couldn’t decide so I went with the team not starting Curtis Sanford in goal.
Rory – Canucks – Jed Ortmeyer won’t answer my letters!  Screw him!………….I love you Jed, don’t be mad at me!

#22 Los Angeles Kings @ #20 Colorado Avalanche

Eric – Avs – Flip a coin.  I honestly have no clue.
Marc – Avs – Neither team has played well lately, but the Avs seem to enjoy a pretty good home-ice advantage.
Rory – Avs – Flipped a coin.

About the author:  Eric is a lifelong Rangers fan and is currently studying Computer Engineering at Hofstra University. You can follow him on Twitter: @5holeEric

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