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5-hole.com Pick ‘em – No Brandon, we don’t mean your nose – 12/15/08

No Brandon!  You’re on TV!!!


Oh well.

The Boys over at Top Gear on BBC have outdone themselves.  After playing a game of soccer with cars, they have now played a game of ice hockey… with cars.


Hockeyness starts at 2:43.

Picks after the jump…goalie-fight#22 Colorado Avalanche @ #3 Detroit Red Wings

Marc – Wings - I’m not sure if the Wings are built for the hard-hitting old school hockey of this rivalry anymore, but then again, the Avs aren’t either. *gimmie*
Eric – Wings – Osgood’s still playing for the Wings, but Roy isn’t anymore.  Osgood could totally kick Raycroft’s ass.
Rory – Wings
Detriot’s at the top(ish) of the conference, Colorado? not so much.

#1 San Jose Sharks @ #21 Los Angeles Kings

Marc – SharksI know San Jose will lose games this season, but I can’t seem to pick against them.
Eric – Sharks – The Sharks have only lost 5 of their 29 games.  FIVE. *gimmie*
Rory – SharksThey’re kicking everyone’s ass this year, why should the craptastic Kings be any different? *gimmie*

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