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5-hole.com Pick ‘em – OMG! Controversy! – 12/23/08

There is controversy brewing over the Penguins’ game winning goal scored by Sidney Crosby in overtime last night.  The big question is whether Crosby made contact with the puck above or below the crossbar.  The goal was reviewed and it stood.  So what’s the problem?  The call on the ice was goal.  The replay did not conclusively disprove that.  It’s a goal right?  Maybe, maybe not.

1Why it’s a goal:
1. The NHL says it’s a goal, therefore, it’s a goal.
2. Someone at Pensblog drew a cute picture!  They can’t be wrong, can they?

Why it’s not a goal:

1. Conspiracy theorists claim the NHL is just furthering the Sidney Crosby love fest.

22. The picture from Pensblog is misleading because the puck was not in line with the corner where the post and crossbar meet when it made contact with Crosby’s stick.  It was actually closer to the center of the crossbar.  Oh no!  The new line goes under Crosby’s arm and the puck!  NO GOAL!
3. Commenter Tom L. on the Puck Daddy post says, “Crosby is 5′ 11″, 6′ 3″ on skates. The crossbar is 4ft high and the puck hit a few inches below his armpits. Unless Sid’s swollen head is 28 inches tall, that’s well over 4ft.”
4. If the NHL had disciplined Crosby for his actions in the game against Atlanta, he would not have even been playing in this game.
5. This picture left by another commenter in that Puck Daddy post shows with more lines that the net is only 80 pixels tall in the image, while the distance from the puck to the ice is 91 pixels.  11 pixels isn’t all that much but it’s still something.

I say it was no goal.  But what do I know?  Onto the picks!

#2 Boston Bruins @ #9 New Jersey Devils

Eric – Bruins - Both teams are hot, I’m going with the Bruins.
Rory – Bruins - I hate the Devils.

#28 Atlanta Thrashers @ #30 New York Islanders

Eric – Thrashers - This could be a contender for the worst game in the history of the NHL.
Rory – Thrashers - This is like picking between getting poked in my right eye or my left eye.

#7 Washington Capitals @ #4 New York Rangers

Eric – Rangers - I just can’t pick against them.
Rory – Rangers - Good Lord I hope I’m right.  Washington’s going to be looking for someone to embarrass after coming off a 7-1 loss to the Flyers, but I think the boys can handle ‘em.

#26 Ottawa Senators @ #6 Philadelphia Flyers

Eric – Sens - Niittymaki sucks.  A lot.
Rory – Flyers - Ottawa sucks, and Philly’s coming off a 7-1 ass-kicking session they delivered to the Caps.

#24 Los Angeles Kings @ #23 Columbus Blue Jackets

Eric – BJs - Quick gets the start for the kings tonight against Mason.  Quick has played in 2 games this season and has a GAA of 4.70 and SV% .860.  Good luck.
Rory – BJs - Hehe.

#25 Dallas Stars @ #20 Toronto Maple Leafs

Eric – Stars - The Leafs flew from Atlanta to Toronto last night and they have either a hurt Vesa Toskala in net or the second NHL game ever for Justin Pogge.
Rory – Stars - I just love that Dallas is all of a sudden doing amazing now that Avery’s gone.  Plus Joel Lundqvist is back from his shoulder injury, so the team’s physicality is back on track.

#29 Tamba Bay Lightning @ #11 Pittsburgh Penguins

Eric – Pens - Honestly, if the Pens have trouble with the Lightning, there’s a problem there. *gimmie*
Rory – Pens - If Tampa wins this, we can all go ice skating in Hell. *gimmie*

#17 Nashville Predators @ # 19 Florida Panthers

Eric – Panthers - Vokoun is fresh off of his shutout and they stayed put waiting for the Preds to come to town.
Rory – Preds - Jed!!!

#27 St. Louis Blues @ #3 Detroit Red Wings

Eric – Wings - Wings roll at the Joe.
Rory – Wings - Really?

#15 Carolina Hurricanes @ #18 Minnesota Wild

Eric – Wild - Backstrom vs. Ward could be very interesting.  Or it could be a blowout.  We’ll see.
Rory – Wild - Barring Gaborik’s groin deciding it’s time for him to take another vacation, El Wild should take this one.

#16 Phoenix Coyotes @ #22 Colorado Avalanche

Eric – Coyotes - I’m tired of the snow.
Rory – Avs - Phoenix sucks.

#13 Anahiem Mighty Ducks @ # 12 Calgary Flames

Eric – Flames - The Ducks almost battled back to tie the game last night against the Canucks.  But let’s see how they do against a better goalie in Miikka Kiprusoff.
Rory – Ducks - Why not?

#10 Vancouver Canucks @ #1 San Jose Sharks

Eric – Sharks - Canucks are tired, Sharks are good.
Rory – Sharks - Rejection Wrath of Henrik Lundqvist!!!

About the author:  Eric is a lifelong Rangers fan and is currently studying Computer Engineering at Hofstra University. You can follow him on Twitter: @5holeEric

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  1. In my opinion, you can’t tell from any picture if it was a goal or not.