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Rangers fire Renney

Rangers Renney Fired  HockeyI can’t say I’m as pumped about this move as Brennan and Dale down there, but after last night’s abysmal performance, including not one but TWO bench minors for Too Many Men, Renney was pretty much a goner.

Last night was just too awful to allow Renney to continue.  Let’s count the ways:

  • 2 penalties for TMM: a direct result of Renney’s manic line shuffling.  Speaking of manic line shuffling… What message does it send to your team that as soon as you drop 1 goal behind, the coach panics and starts jumbling the lines like he has one of those ping-pong ball lotto machines behind the bench?  That’s why the Rangers have been playing with no confidence.
  • The Rangers have been playing so badly of late that the general mood was somber on a night that should have been a happy celebration of two former Rangers greats.  Oh, by the way, the Garden was EMPTY for most of the pre-game ceremony (see below).  You can bet that Slats and Jimmy weren’t too happy looking down at all those empty seats from their skybox perch.
  • Yet another lackluster performance on a jersey retirement night.
  • Whether it’s fair or unfair, you can’t deny that the Rangers quit on Renney.  This team has no heart.  It’s not Renney’s job to motivate these guys, but it’s an unfortunate fact of pro sports: when a team quits on its coach, the coach has to look for a new job.

The only question now is: will this overpaid bunch of wusses play hard for the next coach?  Or are they just going through the motions until they can hit the links in April?

Rangers fans were super-pumped about Howell/Bathgate night!

Rangers fans were super-pumped about Howell/Bathgate night!

About the author:  Marc is a Long Island native and a hockey goalie. He has been a Rangers fan for as long as he can remember, although, in the interest of full disclosure, there was a time during the 1993 playoffs when he vaguely remembers cheering for Pierre Turgeon and the Islanders after the Dale Hunter cheap shot. His favorite Ranger of all time is Mike Richter.

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