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Weekend (sort of) Wrap Up


While Sunday’s game against the Bruins wasn’t the prettiest game I’ve ever seen, it was definitely the most intense game I’ve been to in a very long time.  There was end to end action and the Rangers were actually putting bodies in front of the net and attacking! (gasp!)

However, in Carolina last night, the Rangers forgot to play offense and were outplayed through the entire game.  They played undisciplined and lost 3-0 because of it.

Bruins game notes:

  • If I were a Bruins fan, I would be incredibly displeased with Manny Fernandez.  I mean, how is this guy still on the team when they have Tuukka Rask waiting in Providence?  He basically gave the Rangers the game.  He didn’t have his skate on the post and Gomez threaded the needle.  He lost the puck in his pads and decided the best thing to do was get up, do a pirouette, and kick the puck into his own goal.  Then he finally overplayed Marc Staal’s shot off the boards and left the net wide open for Zherdev to tap in the rebound.

    Rangers Bruins Hockey

    Threadin' the needle. (AP Photo)

  • Nik Antropov’s first goal as a Ranger was a beautiful give and go with Chris Drury coming right after an offensive zone faceoff.  See what happens when you win those?
  • Kobasew’s goal to tie the game at 1 could have easily been avoided.  Drury made a blind pass to Antropov just after entering the Bruins’ zone.  If Drury passes the puck around the boards you have Brandon Dubinsky skating down the far side of the ice to retrieve it.  Instead, the drop pass is picked off and sent the other way for an easy breakaway.
  • That was a great fake by Kobasew on the goal.  Completely fooled Lundqvist.
  • Michal Rozsival was completely burned by the much speedier Kobasew and has been playing more and more like his old linemate, Marek Malik.
  • Henrik Lundqvist played really well but he’d probably like another shot at stopping Chara’s goal.


I feel the same way. (Reuters)

‘Canes game notes:

  • Can’t blame this one on Steve Valiquette.  He played one of his best games of the season filling in for Henke and had many highlight reel saves.  You have to feel bad for the guy.
  • If you’ve ever played an EA Sports NHL game, you know that the game keeps track of how long each team had possession of the puck throughout the game.  I think if you figured out the numbers for this game, it would look like that time you played team Japan with your incredibly amazing, every star in the NHL team on easy just to see how many goals you could score.
  • If Sean Avery doesn’t grab that guy by the face, the Rangers have a power play and the Canes don’t score that first goal 4-on-4.
  • Why was Eric Staal allowed to slam directly into Dan Girardi as Dan skated through the neutral zone, behind the play, without the puck? Don’t tell me it was an accident.
  • Meh.

Avery photo source: rangerland.net

About the author:  Eric is a lifelong Rangers fan and is currently studying Computer Engineering at Hofstra University. You can follow him on Twitter: @5holeEric

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  1. It did kinda suck to be a Ranger’s fan last night, didn’t it. On the other hand :-) … oh, and thanks for giving Cullen back to us … we’re very happy.

    • Cullen could never finish when he played for the Rangers. At least he’s playing better for you guys.

  2. An added note: The screen shot of the brilliant 120 Sloppy Seconds sign is courtesy of Papagaloosh on the Rangerland Forum and Message Board: