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Why Do I Watch This Team Again?

So the last few days have been fairly dismal in the land of the Rangers.  

Giving up a 3-goal lead against Atlanta in disgusting fashion and losing in the shootout.  Being horridly outplayed by an abysmal Atlanta team that has one legitimately good player – and letting that one player take over the game and take then game away from them.

Then sloppy defense and an inability to overcome shitty officiating in Pittsburgh.  Yes, the officials were calling bullshit penalties left and right against the Rangers, but good teams can overcome bad officiating, and the Rangers couldn’t do it.

Out of a possible 4 points in the last 3 days, the Rangers came out with 1.  Oy to the vey.

I don’t know what this means for this team  - either they’re not making the playoffs, or they’re getting bounced in the first round.  Either way, it’s no bueno for us fans.  I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really sick of them bouncing back and forth between being horrible and being awesome.  I would rather they be one or the other, that way it’s not so heartbreaking when they’re awesome for a while and then go back to being horrible.

Watching this team implode on itself is no fun unless it happens in spectacular fashion.  They’re not even good at being bad.  What gives?  I think I would prefer it if they went all Slap Shot on us and just turned every game into a damn circus, rather than just being bumbling idiots half the time and total beasts the other half.

That game against Atlanta made me yearn for the team we saw in October.  The team that rolled over opponents like military-issue Humvees.  The team that came back from 3-goal deficits rather than letting the other team come back from theirs.  

Not the team that gives up 3 odd-man rushes in 2 minutes and lets the other teams best player waltz in on their goaltender, unobstructed and score the tie-breaking and game winning goal.

Thinking about the team that the Rangers were in October and the team they are now is kind of like thinking about Joaquin Phoenix.  Once a highly talented, dominating acting presence and total hot piece of ass, now a sad, homeless-looking, joke of a performer that probably smells like month-old garbage and is crawling scabies/lice/tiny Christina Aguilera monsters.

I want the October-Rangers back, just like I want Gladiator-Joaquin back.  And I’m sure you all do, too.

Joaquin Phoenix, former hot piece and accomplished actor.

Joaquin Phoenix, formerly: Hot piece and accomplished actor.


Your beginning-of-the-season New York Rangers: Winners and beasts.

Your beginning-of-the-season New York Rangers: Winners and beasts.













Joaquin Phoenix today: Gross, smelly, professional joke.

Joaquin Phoenix today: Gross, smelly, professional joke.

Your current-day New York Rangers.  Losers.

Your current-day New York Rangers. Losers.













And for your viewing pleasure: Clip: South Park: Christina Aguilera Monster



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Rangers celebrating: Nick Laham/Getty Images.

Loser Rangers: Getty Images(sorry about the watermark – couldn’t find a recent pic without one.)

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About the author:  Rory is a recent college graduate from central New Jersey majoring in History and PR. A Ranger fan all her life, the bane of her existence is the New Jersey Devils, and she harbors a severe hatred for Martin Brodeur. Her favorite current Rangers are Henrik Lundqvist, Sean Avery, and Steve Valiquette, and her favorite all-time Rangers are Mike Richter and Jeff Beukeboom.

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  1. Well said Rory but the truth is that this was a flawed roster from very start

  2. 1) Didn’t think with all the additions and coaching change that the team could miss the playoffs. Now, the way its appeared recently its a possibility. At least the Habs and Panthers haven’t been paying well lately!