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Rangers giving away Thunder Sticks for Game 3

thundersticksI guess the poor economy has finally hit the Rangers. For the past three years, the Rangers have given away rally towels to all fans in attendance for the playoffs. This year they have decided that screen printing 40,000 towels is out of their price range so they decided to buy 20,000 pairs of thunder sticks instead.

Thunder sticks, for those that don’t know, are inflatable tubes which you bang together to make a loud noise.  They are very annoying and have no place in a hockey arena.

Honestly MSG, do you think that we as fans are incapable of making the noise ourselves?  Do you think we need some sort of aide to make it incredibly loud in our building?  Especially with a two games to none lead over Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals?

The worst part of this is that the sponsor is Optimum Lightpath.  I get that MSG is owned by Cablevision which owns Optimum, but Lightpath is just too similar to the Islanders Lighthouse Project!

At least they’re going with rally towels for game 4.

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  1. This is some sort of 4/20 joke, right? I thought the northeast corridor was immune from such cheesy fan aides, I guess not? I guess you’re “thunder-stuck” with ‘em? The Caps might not be able to make you pay for this idiocy, but someone down the road will.

  2. This is such a stupid idea. It must have been mine.

    • Haha… great comment.

      I, for one, will be a conscientious objector to thunder stick usage tonight. But with my luck I would not be surprised to find several 10-year-old kids in the row behind me using the thunder sticks for the entire game.

      I sometimes wonder how the front office can be so disconnected from the fans that they think this is a good idea. Then I think maybe there are a lot of people who like this stuff and only us “hardcore” fans find it appalling. (Personally, I think even the rally towels are unoriginal and kind of lame.) I guess we will find out tonight.

  3. Agreed, we don’t need them. A local writer once referred, correctly I might add, to MSG Playoff Crowds as The Garden Beast. Enough said. Thunder Sticks my fanny…

  4. So giving ranger fans something to throw was seen as a good idea?

  5. I just don’t get it. Have we reached a new bottom. One f the original 6 in the largest market in the world and the best we can come up with are tunder sticks? Lame is an understatement. Perhaps we should ask a 10 year old for some alternatives. Maybe we could incorporate something like Latino night and distribute moroccas. Or maybe we could do something like new years and use noisemakers. At $1.99 a dozen, the MSG front office could save a fortune. Then they could use the savings to upgrade those annoying hats they sell with the coton candy.


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