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NHL/That is all this game was. An utter embarrassment. On home ice.  It doesn’t matter how bad the refs were (and I’ll get to that soon). This team looks like they are just going through the motions.

Back in July, Larry Brooks of the New York Post published these quotes from Scott Gomez:

“It’s going to be on Chris and me now, and that’s what we wanted when we came to New York,” Gomez said by phone yesterday from his home in Alaska. “If I’m playing with Zherdev, it’s going to be up to me to see that it works, and I’m up for it.

“We’re going to go be an in-your-face team that moves and pressures the puck. I’ve been talking to Chris and he feels exactly the same way I do.

“We’re ready for the responsibility.”

It doesn’t look like you were ready, Scotty.  You scored 58 points this season.  That is your lowest offensive output since 2002-03, and that was a Cup year!  Chris Drury can barely move his hand and he’s out there blocking shots and killing penalties.  While you meander into coverage and smile all the while.  Yeah, I’m making $1,600 on this shift.

This team has no heart.  Aside from the players I’ve listed before, (half of them are home grown!) this team has no heart.  They don’t finish checks, they make stupid passes, they don’t take good shots, they just don’t seem to care anymore.  Six players can’t do it by themselves.

Aside from the heartless performance on the ice, the refs more than ever seem to be in the pocket of Gary Bettman and rest of the NHL front office.  Let’s start with Mr. Donald Brashear.  That gutless neanderthal has no place in this league.  He can’t skate, he doesn’t score, he doesn’t do anything except fight and injure people.  Today, it started at least an hour before Blair Betts lay facedown on the ice.

During warmups, Brashear skated over the red line to have a chat with Colton Orr.  I couldn’t tell you what was said but as Brashear turned to leave, he gave Orr a shove.  That, by itself should have gotten Brashear kicked out of the game.  You are not allowed to purposely make physical contact with a member of the opposing team during warm ups.  That was the first time the league and the refs looked the other way.  The next time was when Brashear sent an unwarrented elbow into Blair Betts’ head.  And now, Betts may have just played his last game as a Ranger.

NHL/How tragic is it that Donald Brashear did more damage to the Rangers with his paltry 2:30 of ice time than Alexander Ovechkin did with 20:50 of ice time?  Brashear should be banned from professional hockey before he kills someone.  Brashear wasn’t even penalized for that hit!  The roughing penalty he got was from the scrum with Paul Mara after the hit.

Sadly, that is not the last time the refs would fuck up royally.  15 minutes into the second period, Brandon Dubinsky got a boarding minor which was deserved.  That is not what the refs messed up.  The refs then awarded Dubinsky a second minor penalty when he got into a scrap with Shaone Morrisonn after the boarding of Green.  The bad part comes when they award him a 10-minute misconduct.  Apparently, Shaone Morrisonn BIT Dubinsky on the arm and Brandon was trying to show the ref the bite marks.  The refs mistook this as whining about the call and gave him a misconduct.  Dubinsky even needed a tetanus shot after the game!  That is why Dubinsky slammed his helmet down on the floor after leaving the ice.  He wasn’t upset with the penalty, he was upset that he was bitten and it went unpunished!

Game 7 will be on Tuesday and I am not very optimistic at this point.  Will the Rangers follow in the Flyers’ (of last year) footsteps and secure the series in game 7 after having a 3-1 series lead?  Or will the Rangers become the 21st team in NHL history to lose a series after holding a 3-1 lead?

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About the author:  Eric is a lifelong Rangers fan and is currently studying Computer Engineering at Hofstra University. You can follow him on Twitter: @5holeEric

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  1. Brashear brings nothing to the NHL except disgrace. Bettman needs to forget about the elimination of fighting (another stupid idea from his jackass head but that’s another topic entirely) for one second and get rid of this idiot. Isn’t their main concern the prevention of head injuries? Well guess what: It sure looks like Betts may have suffered one. Follow your own advice, Bettman, and suspend Brashear for the rest of the playoffs. I’m not a fan of either the Rangers or the Capitals, so this is not a biased post. My team isn’t even in the playoffs. I just hate to see a thug like Brashear not consider the consequences of his actions because he knows all he receive is a one game suspension slap on the wrist.

  2. Embarrassing is this post. To indicate that the loss of Blair Betts is going to crush the Rangers is too funny. How are the Rangers ever going to replace his 0 points or his 1 shot on goal in the series. How could they find someone to step in on the penalty kill to play the forward position. The coaches on the Rangers must be distraught trying to figure out how they are going to replace Blair Betts.

    Was the hit dirty? Yes. Should Brashear be suspended? Yes. Do the Rangers have bigger problems than the loss of Blair Betts? Yes. Like how about creating some offense 5 on 5. How about having any puck possession in the zone. How about getting noticed for something other than King Henrik standing on his head. The Rangers are a joke and so is this whining blog.

    • Notwithstanding your sarcasm, I guarantee you that the Rangers coaches are indeed distraught trying to figure out how they are going to replace Blair Betts. The impact of a player like Blair Betts can’t be quantified in points or shots on goal. It was not a surprise to any Rangers fan that Betts’ injury was the turning point in Game 6. It was also not a surprise that the Capitals went on to score twice on the power play in the game. He is one of the best penalty killers in the league and is the best that the Rangers have on faceoffs. He will be missed in Game 7.

      The reason this injury has provoked such outrage is that Betts is such a class act. He is a gritty and tough hockey player who ALWAYS plays clean. And now his career is in jeopardy because a goon like Brashear decided to unleash a blindside elbow to his dome for no reason.

      You’re totally wrong, but thanks for reading!

    • Three minutes after Betts’ orbital bone was broken by that Thug, Mike Green scored his first goal of the series, on the power play. Coincidence? I think not!

    • Hey Martin, do you watch sports? Do you watch hockey? I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that if you do, you don’t pay too much attention, nor do you care very much about what you’re watching. Because if you did, you would know that a player’s worth can’t be quantified by numbers on a scoresheet. Blair Betts isn’t a 20-goal scorer, he’s not going to show up on an ESPN highlight reel anytime soon, his name is never going on the Art Ross.

      The reason why Blair Betts is such an important member of this team is that what he brings each and every night in heart, commitment, sacrifice, and true character cannot be matched. This is a man who, every night, dives in front of pucks moving at speeds up to 90 miles per hour, with the bare minimum of hockey equipment, will sacrifice his own body over and over again, and won’t stop until the penalty kill is done, or the puck is out of the zone.

      When everyone else on this team give up, Betts is one of the only ones that you’ll find still pushing with every ounce of himself to keep the team going, to give the team a chance, no matter the toll it takes on him. He’s a quiet leader, he doesn’t demand that people pay attention to him; he’s not here for his own personal glory and pride – he plays hockey for the love of the game and for his teammates and the fans who turn out in the thousands to see their team win.

      So go ahead and pull down on us for being upset that he’s out, that he’s possibly seriously injured. We would rather be known for appreciating the members of our team that don’t make $7 million a year, the ones whose faces aren’t plastered on 20-foot billboards inside the Garden, rather than cow-tow to what guys like you apparently think makes a team. Because guys like Blair Betts are what make a team – without players like him, all you’ve got are a room full of over-paid, self-centered fops in nice suits.

      Oh, and by the way; “Embarrassing is this post.”? What are you, Yoda?

      • Rory,

        Does the picture next to your post represent the surprise that you believe you had a coherent well thought out argument? Nice try my friend. You can now go back to your tiddlywinks as I’m sure your brain has been taxed to the limit.

        There’s a reason Blair Betts is not paid $7 mil a year, because there are a hundred guys in the AHL who are basically the same player.

        Ranger fans look out! Rory has been drinking the Glen Sather Kool-Aid. Soon he’s going to be your GM so you can carry on the Sather lunacy of overpaying for average hockey players and committing the Rangers to mediocrity for years to come. I’ll give you 18 Blair Betts’ to play with every night. Enjoy your 20-62 record with your character guys.

  3. I can understand that Blair Betts may be a great character guy and do not defend Brashears hit in any way. Cheap shot all the way, but c’mon, losing Betts will not be what costs the Rangers game 7. Be upset about the cheap shot, but the hyperbole that Blair Betts is the most important Ranger of all is a little ridiculous.

    Does that say something about the quality of the Rangers if the most important player is a 4th line pk’er?

    Enjoy the offseason. It stars Tue night about 9 PM.

  4. One last jab…

    I have to laugh at your blog tagline. Apparently your not covering anything high to the glove side.

  5. I think it’s kind of amusing that you say the officiating was terrible with no reference to the 2 5on3 power plays given to the Rangers on the softest of calls. Enjoy the summer off after Tuesday!

    • We said the officiating was terrible and that included the call that gave us a 5-on-3. Sorry I didn’t spell it out for you. I mean, we can’t all get that fine University of Maryland education.


      bwahahahaha I couldn’t say that with a straight face


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