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2009-2010 Season Ticket prices revealed; Slats’ open Letter to current Subscribers

slats1The Rangers have released the prices for the season ticket packages for next season and there’s also a video!
Here are the prices for the coming season, along with increases in both dollar amount AND percentage increase:


Have you ever wondered what it was like to watch a hockey game from a goal judge's point of view? Well now you can with the VIP Goal Judge season ticket plan! Just 3,300 easy payments of $14.99!

Unbelievable.  We’re in the worst recession since the great depression, the team just finished a very underwhelming season and they go ahead and raise ticket prices again?  The Dolans must really be hurting.  I wonder how the completely unnecessary renovation of the garden is going.

slatsAlso at the Season Subscriber Site is a letter from Rangers GM Glen Sather.  Here is the letter along with a translation:

Rangers Subscribers,

Hey Suckers!

Five years ago, we made it our priority to build the New York Rangers team for long-term success by developing a core foundation of young players and adding key veterans as our youngsters matured. Our philosophy remains steadfast, and this past season, six young players whose NHL careers began here in New York played major roles in taking us to the playoffs for the fourth consecutive year.

A few years ago, I brought up a few players from the farm system (in this case, six), surrounded them with overpriced, underachieving veterans, and prayed for Henrik Lundqvist to play well.  Except for Jagr.  That guy was awesome.  Especially that one year when he scored 54 goals.  Too bad he destroyed his shoulder punching Scott Gomez in the playoffs.  Speaking of which, he’s a Ranger!  And I signed Chris Drury too!  That was awesome.

Although we were not satisfied with this past season’s results, we believe we are on the right track. We continue to focus on the development of players and are excited about several talented prospects in our system. At the same time, we still have work to do as we strive toward our ultimate goal — to compete for the Stanley Cup each and every season.

Ah yes,  losing in the first round as opposed to the second is a step in the right direction.  Although, there are a bunch of kids in Hartford who (from what I’ve been reading) are ready for the big show and we’ve been drafting pretty well the last few years.  Right?

Under the direction of our new Head Coach, John Tortorella, you will see a retooled Rangers team in 2009-10 that will feature a system that emphasizes aggressive forechecking and puck possession. This up-tempo approach has made John an accomplished winner in the NHL, earning a Jack Adams Award as Coach of the Year and delivering a Stanley Cup to Tampa Bay in 2004.

Under Torts’ system which totally won him a Cup in Tampa, you will see a faster, stronger, bigger, more aggressive team.  Basically what we said we were going to be last year.

The key objective for this off-season is to complement our strong defensive play and league-leading penalty-kill with more goal-scoring, stemming from this aggressive system. We are determined to add players who make significant contributions in 2009-10, enabling us to dictate the pace of the game on a regular basis.

Look, we need to score more goals and the guys we have now aren’t enough.  I’m gonna go out and go after some new, supposedly awesome, (according to their current GMs) free agents and completely ignore Blair Betts and Fredrik Sjostrom who were the reason our PK was as good as it was.  How could that fail?!

With an All-Star goaltender, and a mix of accomplished veterans and hungry youngsters, we expect to make our fans especially proud this season. Your loyalty and enthusiasm has always made The Garden a very intimidating place for visiting teams, and you will see a team whose style of play makes it even tougher.

Henke, he’s a beast.  And we’re gonna continue to rely on him to win games.  It’s not like it matters.  You guys will still keep coming no matter what.  You guys up in the Blue Seats might be the real fans, but we’re still increasing your ticket price by almost nine percent while the suits only get a 2%-5% increase.  Plus, those Powerstix were freaking awesome.  My idea.

We remain humbled and thankful for your energetic support and look forward to seeing you at The Garden for a great season of Rangers hockey.


Glen Sather, President and General Manager, New York Rangers

Please renew your season tickets.  If you don’t, the boss will realize how much of a hack I am and fire me.  Maybe.  Also, while you’re making your decision, enjoy the 15th anniversary of the 1994 Stanley Cup Championship!  Something I had nothing to do with, but will milk for as long as I can.

Glen “Slats” Sather, Architect of the Oilers’ Dynasty.

About the author:  Eric is a lifelong Rangers fan and is currently studying Computer Engineering at Hofstra University. You can follow him on Twitter: @5holeEric

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  1. This is really a funny translation. Good job. I could not have translated better!

  2. Awesome post, Sather must think were all brain dead

  3. Priceless. Good stuff!

  4. Hahaha, love the translation! You should see the ridiculous prices they charge up here for Leafs games!!!

  5. That was cool. Regardless to the prices @ the Garden. 1 thing still remains. I will be back for more!

  6. Great post!

    I’d like some advice from any current NYR season subscribers. I just received an email saying that I will be offered season tickets after about a 3 year wait. My number was about halfway up the entire list so with that said, anyone have an inkling of what kind of section they’ll offer me. I don’t mind being up in blue heaven – in fact, prob prefer it because money is tight, but if they happened to offer something say in the 300s would I be an idiot for passing? I guess I’d like to hear from you longtime subscribers how often do they offer upgrades in case I actually have some money next year or the following? Would you just take the best section offered? Lastly, how easy is it for you to get rid of tickets for games you can’t make through the ticket exchange? I’m not looking to make any money, I just don’t want to eat them. Longtime Blue Shirts fan and very excited to finally feel like part of the family, but I want to be smart about this because I’m a young guy with a tight budget. I don’t want the subscription office to catch me off guard come Tuesday when I call in. I’d appreciate any advice. THANK YOU TO ALL!

    • If they offer you tickets you can afford, I say take them. You can always request to move for the next season. Every year they send the renewal and it has a box you can check if you want to upgrade or move your seats. You get a letter with a phone number, time and day to call to do that some time in July.

      As to what they might offer you in 3 years, honestly, I don’t know. I would imagine it depends on how the Rangers have been doing recently.

      In regard to whether or not you should take the upgrade they might offer you, I would take a couple things into consideration:
      1. Is it where you want to be? If your seats are in the 300s but are center ice, would you really want to switch to 200′s behind the goal?
      2. Can you afford the new seats they are offering? You don’t want to take better seats and then get yourself into money troubles.

      About the ticket exchange, it really depends who they are playing, the state of the economy, and how they are playing. Two seasons ago it was easy to sell the tickets for above face value. This past season it was harder to sell tickets and most of the time we sold them at face value. It’s really luck of the draw.

      As long as you have an idea as to where you’d like to sit, I think you’ll be fine. Just remember going in that you’re probably not gonna get your first choice.

      Also remember that the Garden is gonna look much different in three years.

      • Eric,

        Thanks so much for the insight. My call in time is tomorrow, but I just called to get an idea of what will be offered and now I’m really confused as to what to do. Seems like most subscribers downgraded to 300s and 400s bc they’re all gone! Man, the crap economy has changed the way things are done. They’re going to be offering 100s or 200s behind goal or corners tomorrow which I never expected. I might actually have to pass bc it’s too much damn money at $95/seat. Jeez, too think I was worried I’d be getting last row and now I’d be down low. Wish I had the money, back of the line for me I guess, unless I can find a friend or two by tomorrow to pony up.

        • If you don’t buy tickets they put you on the end of the wait list? That sucks! I would think they would just call you again next year to see if you’re interested.

          • Nope, sol, back of the line according to guy I spoke to today. Pressure sell for sure on their part. $95 is still not an easy price point to unload a seat if I can’t go. I like the higher seats better bc the fans are more fun. Know anyone?!


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