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Dion Phaneuf is a Jackass

And no, this post has nothing to do with Sean Avery (shock).

Earlier tonight, in a preseason game between the Calgary Flames and the New York Islanders, Dion Phaneuf clearly thought that a match that’s mostly for conditioning and shaking off the summer rust, and really doesn’t mean jackshit one way or the other, was a perfectly good time to do this to Kyle Okposo:

Now, you all know that I hate the Islanders, and everyone associated with them.  However, to lay that vicious of a hit on a young player in a game that doesn’t matter in the slightest is a horrible thing to do – it’s bad enough you have to make us all look at your Cro Magnon face, Dion, come on.


Phaneuf pictured here looking uber-douchey with the league bicycle, whose name escapes me. Starts with an 'S', I think. (For front-page purposes)

About the author:  Rory is a recent college graduate from central New Jersey majoring in History and PR. A Ranger fan all her life, the bane of her existence is the New Jersey Devils, and she harbors a severe hatred for Martin Brodeur. Her favorite current Rangers are Henrik Lundqvist, Sean Avery, and Steve Valiquette, and her favorite all-time Rangers are Mike Richter and Jeff Beukeboom.

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  1. Yeah that hit was awful. Yeah Okposo looked to have his head down, but how many steps can you see Dion take before throwing his body in an upward directIon?

  2. Cry more. Seriously.

    You have got to be kidding me, out of all things i did not expect someone to write something so pitiful on a website, I would almost think that this is Kyle Okposo’s mom or sister. That’s the game!!!! I play hockey along with millions of other people in this world, I also play defense, and everybody knows you have to make a hit when you see the chance or your getting your ass chewed out! I don’t like to see anyone get hurt, and Dion does not like to see anyone get hurt either, but sometimes it happens and that’s just the game. If you think these pre-season games mean nothing well your semi right, It just goes to show that teams that do good in the pre-season may actually end up sucking in the regular season. The rules do not change, The puck does not change, the penalties do not change, The size of the net does not change, THE HITS DO NOT CHANGE!!! THE GAME DOES NOT CHANGE! If your cutting across center ice with your head down. WATCH OUT! YOUR GOING TO GET HIT! when you post something and you feel like you need to cry about something then make sure its not about the standard game of hockey. Cry about Soccer, where if someone hit someone like that they would get in trouble. Otherwise stop wasting your own time and just watch the hockey game as it comes! It’s all part of the game.

  4. i like it when guys actulla no what there saying like if anybody thinks this hit is uncalled for then u dont play hockey every buddy trys in preaseason the rockies try the hardest cas there tyr to make it and DION IS THE BEST OPEN ICE HITTER IN THE LEAGUE KEEP IT UP BUDDDY

  5. Dude had his head down, It’s happens in hockey, don’t it like go watch tiddly winks!!!

  6. I agree with everyone that says phaneuf is just doing what he is payed to do and to Okposo’s
    mom… learn the rules of hockey before you start crying all over the internet.

  7. Paneuf is the best player ever! And F.Y.I. her name is Cynthia….with a “c”
    not an “s” but it was close Rory. If you want a player to cry about because they suck
    pick Cindy Crybaby

  8. I don’t watch hockey.. I play / watch basketball and football but… from what I know of hockey.. there was nothing wrong with that hit. Whoever this guys is in the picture is one lucky guy. Elisha Cuthbert… beautiful girl and hope that they stay together.


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