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Video: John Tortorella vs Larry Brooks – Part 2

It’s no secret that John Tortorella and Larry Brooks aren’t the best of friends.  They’ve already had one squabble and that was when Torts was still with the Lightning.

Here is part two from tonight after the 2-0 loss to the Flyers.

Some time into the press conference, Brooks asks Tortorella if the Rangers should have taken a third man in penalty.  Tortorella refuses to answer and tells Brooks that he won’t be answering any of his questions.  Apparently, Tortorella wouldn’t answer any of Brooks’ questions due to something that Brooks wrote about Wade Redden.

Earlier this week against the Canadiens, Wade Redden got a fighting major sticking up for his teammates.  Brooks thought “it was funny.”

I wouldn’t call it funny, Larry.  I’d say it was shocking, unexpected, fantastic, unforgettable.  But funny?  I dunno.

I will say that the best part is seeing Brian Leetch finally showing some emotion while trying not to laugh at what he just saw.  Leetchie is getting more and more comfortable with each appearance on MSG and I hope to see him for a long time.

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  1. That’s pretty funny. It did seem like he was kind of threatening him there for a second.

  2. i love how larry looks around to see who laughed when torts made the comment about him getting beat up at the bus stop as a kid. and im glad they put the camera on him, because the little black and white picture in the post doesnt show what a dork he is.

    • I agree about Larry – DORK – is the correct word to describe him. Where do these people come from. Nothing interesting or positive ever comes out of his mouth

  3. Haha I agree with Steve, that was pretty funny.

  4. Maybe it’s because I’m from a major canadian hockey market – but the coach is a representative of his team and fact is Brooks was doing his job and nothing more. If Tortorella really didn’t want anything to do with Brooks he should have requested Brooks not be allowed into the press conference – and I use that term lightly because it was more of a man swarmed by recorders infront of a curtain.. thought MSG was better than that.

    Whether you like the guy or not, it’s his job and he has to do it. And your job isn’t to antagonize him, your job is to coach your team and address the media/fans afterwards.

    • Jimm –

      Since it was a Rangers AWAY game at Wachovia Center in Philly – the “better than that” comment should be directed to the Flyers and the facilities they provide for away teams. (Not that it’s much different in most other NHL arenas, to be sure).

      As for Brooks “doing his job” – well – you’d need to understand the history of “Brooksie” – and it’s far too convoluted for us to attempt to explain it to you here.

      They’re both wrong in so many ways – and I for one don’t blame Torts for what he did – all while agreeing with most reporters that he shouldn’t have done it. Brooks is the penultimate example of an “arrogant ass” – and to see him get knocked down a peg or two is quite exhilarating.


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