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At least they have something to fall back on

Update: Apparently in the corporate world, free advertising is bad and companies must claim copyright on their commercials and force youtube to remove the videos so no one can see their shiny new product!  It would be silly for a company to allow people to show videos featuring that company’s product without having to pay a single cent for the advertising space. Wouldn’t it?

A friend just sent me this video of Patrick Kane and Jon Toews doing their best to sell some phone:

[video removed from youtube because of a copyright claim]

I think the best line of that whole thing is when Kaner says, “Let’s all be friends and find out.” because you know Kane has used that before. It’s the only line he delivered without sounding like a robot.

Oh hey, did you see Toews’ email address and both of their facebook IDs? No? OK, here’s a screen shot for you:

I hope Dell didn’t actually use their real accounts. Then again, I doubt that Tazers’ email address is jontoews19@gmail.com. But maybe it is.

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