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UPDATE: The New Lower Bowl Looks Comfortable, Expensive… and Blue

UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that season ticket holders currently in the first few rows of the center ice 200 level will see their ticket price almost double from $108 to $210! That’s an increase of almost 95%!

My family finally got our new seat locations and invoice for next season.  With that came our first look at what MSG will look like next season.

Pretty cool, huh? Wait a minute, what color are those seats?

Looks comfy, right? Wait a minute! Those seats are… are… BLUE! Uh oh. Those “die hard,” “true blue” fans up in the “blue seats” aren’t gonna be happy about this. Now the “suits” are actually the ones sitting in the blue seats!

Anyway, I’ve taken the liberty to go through the different price levels and made a little spreadsheet comparing this year’s seats to last years. Keep in mind that this is very much a guesstimation based on two different interactive seating charts. I did the best I could.

If the spreadsheet is not loading, click here.

One thing that jumps out at me is the $57 increase for those sitting in the first few rows of the 100s (non center) sections. My family currently has seats in section 103 row B. The Garden says that its equivalent is section 120 row 11 in the new Garden. The problem is Section 103 row B costs $108 per ticket, Section 120 row 11 is $165 per ticket. That’s a shockingly high increase of $57 or almost a 53% increase!

Even more shockingly, the last few rows of the current purple seats behind the nets seem to be getting a $20 discount on their tickets.

Some good news is that the increases for the 300 and 400 level seats are among the lowest % increases anywhere in the arena.

Something funny that I noticed was that the Rangers will be adding more seats along the glass called VIP Rinkside and VIP Rinkside East. They are in the same places along the glass, just that the VIP Rinkside East seats are on the East side of the the red line. Oh and they cost $110 more than VIP Rinkside. No, seriously, $110 difference for essentially the same seats. I guess because you have the privilege of sitting right next to the Rangers’ backup goalie (with a piece of glass between you), you get to pay more.

I’d honestly rather sit next to the opposing team’s backup, be closer to the end the Rangers shoot at twice and pay less.

2010-11 Seating Interactive Chart
2010-11 Season Ticket Prices
2011-12 Seating Interactive Chart
2011-12 Season Ticket Prices

About the author:  Eric is a lifelong Rangers fan and is currently studying Computer Engineering at Hofstra University. You can follow him on Twitter: @5holeEric


  1. ‘Enhance’ reference cracked me up, I have to watch Super Troopers tonight.

    The new blue seats sure look comfy. Won’t be long until the cushions are nice and worn and saturated with countless beer farts.

  2. The seats in the center ice 200s, unless you lucked out to be in the last few rows, almost doubled, going from $108 to $210.

  3. No matter what kind of spin you put on this, MSG is a dump and will always be a dump!

  4. Your spreadsheet is wrong. A LOT of $108 seats will be $210 next season…that’s a 95% increase which you don’t show.

  5. Well, as a 400 section season ticket holder of the past 19 years… I have to agree…. I’m PISSED the Blueseats have been “gifted” to the lower bowl.

    It was the upper bowl that made MSG infamous among opposing teams players… It was the 400′s where blue collar workers sat and sit that earned the nickname “Blueseater” and has lasted through all those years of vomit colored seats… and now the suits, as everyone in the league knows them are going to be the blueseats…

    I’m not only pissed off, but will be too embarrassed to call myself a blueseater once the change is made. I’d prefer they simply not even use the color at all, so we can remain blueseaters by default..


    Oh and regarding the $2 increase in our tickets ( based on season ticket holder pricing )…. yeah, it was only a small increase… but you have to remember, this is an increase PRIOR to our getting any positive changes up in our area ( if in fact you are inclined to call these changes positive at all )…. The fact is we already lost a concession stand, because it is now a break area for workers, and I can’t tell you how many times our soda machines haven’t been working on our level or the fact that we have almost no food choice other than hotdog or knish to eat unless we want to make a 15 minute journey down to a food court…

    I am quite sure once they do any work on our bowl, our prices will be adjusted accordingly… so this very well may be the final year quite a few long term fans are season ticket holders…

    I just hope the Rangers can find new people who are attracted to scoreboards and views of the post office to fill the old Blueseats if all goes as most Blueseaters expect.

  6. As a side note… I recall an image of the bar they planned on putting up in the rear of section 421-422 called the “Blue Seat Bar” ironically enough, it’s going to be as far Blue Seats as it can be in the stadium.


  7. yes I too got completely screwed. shame on them, I passed on my new location. Time to buy an HD tv

  8. It appears they will make better use of the area available inside the arena to watch events. I like the way the new configuration of the seats is going to wrap around the rink and go right down to the glass, the way other arenas are designed. The current configuration of Madison Square Garden is outdated and doesn’t make optimum use of some of the prime seating locations that there could be. There’s no seats down in the corners, instead there are walls and people just stand down at the glass. The seats along the side-boards begin too high off the playing surface and are behind an aisle, so they are constantly obstructed by traffic walking back and forth. Further up in the arena are aisles that wrap all the way around the inside of the arena as well, creating constant traffic that obstruct your view. There are no ‘best seats’ at center ice; instead there are hallways that lead off the playing surface. Overall the design of MSG is poor, and it’s probably the worst arena in the league to watch a game.
    The new design seems to eliminate most or all of these problems. Good! Who deserves a new, state-of-the-art arena more than the New York Rangers, and their loyal Rangers fans. Any idea what the new seating capacity will be?


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