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Potential Rangers Winter Classic Jersey?

After discussing what the Rangers might wear to the Winter Classic, we can now see what those jerseys might look like.

A few days ago, I speculated on which jersey the Rangers might wear to the Winter Classic.  In the comments of that article I was reminded that the Rangers would most likely be wearing white considering they are the visiting team.  In the article I speculated (read: really really hoped) that the Rangers would choose the 1946-47 jersey. Others have speculated that they might just wear a white Heritage jersey.  Still others want the Rangers to wear their jerseys from the late 1970s. I would prefer they didn’t.

Thanks to the talented Cathy Smith, we can now see what the top two jersey choices (in my opinion) might look like.

First up we have what I originally thought the Rangers should go with. A white version of the 1946-47 jerseys:

While some may not like having the number on the front, I think it’s pretty cool and something that makes the jersey unique. It’s very uncommon to see that in the NHL.  This was the first drawing I saw from Cathy and I loved it. I wanted the Rangers to use this.  That was until I scrolled down and saw the other jersey I asked her to mock up.

This, is the jersey I want the New York Rangers wearing on January 2nd in Citizens Bank Park. These cream Heritage jerseys are incredibly sharp and I would love to have one.

Honestly, I think I’ll be happy with whatever jersey the Rangers choose to wear. As long as it’s not those horrid late 1970s jerseys. Yuck.

About the author:  Eric is a lifelong Rangers fan and is currently studying Computer Engineering at Hofstra University. You can follow him on Twitter: @5holeEric


  1. i like the white …. another way to get us fans to dish out $300 for another jersey. over the years ive bought at least 10 hopefully they go with that white one becausre im s sucker n will buy it :) …now how the hell can i get tix????

  2. I despise the Ranges with all my heart, and giving them credit for anything would necessitate me to wash my mouth out with soap, but even I have to say, these options are pretty great. I’m not much of a fan of numbers on the front, but since it’s a throwback, I’ll give it a pass. The second sweater is awesome though. Reminds me of the classic All Star jerseys from Minnesota. (I think that was 2004.)

    Okay, soap time…

  3. really really ugly. you cant just put new york on the jersey like the heritage classic ones because just saying new york could refer to any of 3 teams.


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