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300s and 400s Level Season Tickets Are Actually Cheaper This Year

Yes you read that correctly. The price for season tickets in the 300s and 400s levels at Madison Square Garden is actually cheaper this year than last year.

But Eric, you told us in March that ticket prices went up $2 in the 400s and $3 in the 300s!

Yes I did say that. And  you’re right. The price per ticket did go up. What I didn’t realize at the time was that the total price for the entire season’s worth of tickets would actually be cheaper.  Because there will be no home preseason games this year, Rangers season ticket subscribers are only paying for 41 games instead of 44.

Let’s do some math!

Last season, a ticket in the 400s was $37. Multiply that by 44 games and you get $1628 for a full season. This year, a ticket is $39. Multiply that by only 41 this year and you get $1599. That’s $29 less than last season.  The same goes for the 300s level. A center ice season ticket last season cost $2640 versus only $2583 this season. Everywhere else in the 300s cost $2464 last season. This year it’s only $2419.

Let’s recap:

400s > $29 discount
300s corners >  $45 discount
300s center ice > $57 discount

So all of the people complaining about the increased ticket prices forcing them to drop their season subscription or “forcing out the true fans,” please stop. You’re actually getting a discount.

About the author:  Eric is a lifelong Rangers fan and is currently studying Computer Engineering at Hofstra University. You can follow him on Twitter: @5holeEric


  1. Not really news. Everyone I know who also has Season Tickets in the 300′s and 400′s (Including me) already knew this. Not many of us have complained. We realize, at least for this season that we got a deal (Might not be the same in future seasons but they might have to do the same thing so who knows.).. It’s the people in the lower sections (Even though the majority of ticket holders are at the top) that are complaining.

    • Yeah. A select few who had seats at center ice in the 200s level are seeing their tickets double to about $200. I do still see people complaining about the increase to ticket prices in the 300s and 400s almost daily. They’re the same ones who think there’s nothing but suits below the 300s.

      • I agree. Some people have no idea what’s going on. I do see that on the internet at times (Places like Twitter etc.).. But most of the people that I talk to have figured out, by now, that it’s not so bad for us in the higher sections. I noticed right away, that it would be cheaper when I heard they were doing no preseason games. But I did have to explain it, a few times, to the people I sit with.. It’s good, at least for now. Hopefully for the remaining years of the renovations, they continue to do the “no home preseason game” schedule.

  2. I would like to point out though, that there is no box office to pick up your tickets from this year, so unless you want to print out all of your tickets on paper you are forced to pay the $25 fee to have them shipped to you.

  3. [Re-posted from Rangerland.net]

    Eric, with all due respect, that’s the stupidest article/post/blog spot I’ve read.

    First of all, as you point out yourself, the price PER GAME is up $2 dollars without ANY upgrades in these sections this year. As a matter of fact, we’ll have to be dealing with closed off corridors, fewer concessions, still-yet-to-be-renovated restrooms (as a matter of fact, towards the end of last season they took out the one stall that was in the men’s room on our side in the 400′s, and were left with THREE urinals servicing the entire half of the upper level), and probably a number of unforeseen detriments resulting from the ongoing construction.

    The team was mediocre and got zipped out of the first round again, the economy is in the toilet, we have to endure a super compressed home shcedule (like expecting us to be at the Garden for six games in eleven days between 10/27 and 11/6, and seven games in thirteen nights from 3/11 to 3/23), and yet here we are still paying an extra 82 bucks for the season?

    Sure, it doesn’t seem like much, but DO NOT make it out like we are getting a “discount”. As has been mentioned, they are merely taking away three pre-season games that season subscribers are FORCED to purchase, even though no one really goes to or gives a shit about, except for a few die-hards.

    Of course, you don’t take into account any of the concession increases that the “new” Garden will surely implement.

    And then, no matter what the performance on the ice, no matter how convenient or inconvenient the new amenities are, in the next season and the one after that, those “discounted” ticket prices will go up exponentially.

    It would be ethical of you to amend that disingenuous post you got there.

    • But you’re not “paying an extra 82 bucks for the season.” You’re paying $29 less per seat. You’re right, I didn’t take into account concessions because there’s no way to take that into account. No one forces you to buy food at the game. Nothing I said was incorrect. You are paying less for your tickets this year compared to last year. $29 less per seat to be exact. Yes the renovation has inconvenienced the fans but not only the fans in the upper levels were inconvenienced by closed hallways and concessions. The lower levels dealt with that for much of the last few months of last season.

      To complain that they raised ticket prices at all is ludicrous. Did you not expect them to raise ticket prices? The last time they didn’t raise ticket prices was after a season in which the team missed the playoffs. Additionally, this renovation is happening whether you like it or not. Not only is it happening but the Dolans are paying for it entirely out of pocket. Did you not think some of that bill would be passed on to the fans?

      I fail to see what exactly was disingenuous about my article. I meant every word I said and backed them up with facts. You are paying less for your season tickets. The Rangers knew they would not be having preseason games this year. They chose not to raise YOUR ticket prices enough to recoup the losses from losing those three games. And it’s not just the ticket sales. It’s the concessions and merchandise sold in those three games as well that they’re giving up.

      And just to let you know, my family’s seats went from $108 to $120. We don’t get that discount even when taking into account not having to pay for those preseason games. We’re still paying more than last season. $168 more per seat.

      • You are using the most ridiculous logic I have ever seen.

        Put the tickets in terms of cell phones. If you buy a case of cell phones in 2010, you got 44 cell phones for $37 dollars each, for a total cost of $1628. This year, however, you can get your case of cell phones for just $1599!!! What a discount, right?! No. Because you only get 41 cell phones.

        Why are you not looking at the tickets as individual commodities? You are certainly NOT getting a “discount” on your subscription. Out of necessity (to complete renovations and be able to charge more in coming seasons), the team is eliminating three games. I appreciate this, and am happy to pay less in total, but I am still paying more PER TICKET and certainly don’t feel blessed.

        You cannot write an article telling people to stop complaining because their seats cost less. Do the seats cost less for partial plan subscribers? Not a cent. They are still up two dollars per ticket.

        The only people who are paying “less” are those that purchase full season subscriptions, and we are getting less “product” for it. You are just making a decision to infer that everyone hates their pre-season games (which may be true), but it doesn’t take away from the fact that you are paying more per game for fewer games.

        I’m amazed you can’t see the difference.

        • The main point is that the preseason tickets are a worthless waste of money and tickets in the 300′s/400′s sell for generally $10 or less during the preseason on the secondary market…