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Update: Rangers Photoshop Avery Banner Out Of FanCam

On Thursday night at the home opener, the New York Rangers invited FanCam to the game to take a picture of the crowd. Also during that game, a season ticket holder hung a banner over the railing of the 400s level that said, “16 AVERY Send Torts to the Whale.”

At the game on Thursday, the Rangers announced that the photo would be available the next day. Friday came and went and the photo never showed up. It was actually not available until the following Monday. I hadn’t had an opportunity to look at it until today but to my surprise, FanCam just so happend to snap a picture of that specific section of the 400s while the banner was being unfurled.

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But what’s this? The Rangers have done their best to photoshop the banner out of the picture!

Now this could be them not wanting any pro Avery propaganda appearing on their website or they could be photoshopping all banners and fan signs out of the image. I haven’t seen any other fan signs in the crowd to compare so I’ll let you guys decide. If you’d like to take a look at the image or tag yourself in it, click here.

Update: Since some people doubt that this is photoshopped, here is a picture of what that area of Madison Square Garden is supposed to look like.

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If you notice, this banner says “New York Tradition” and there is no Chase Bank logo. I hope this puts the doubters at ease.

About the author:  Eric is a lifelong Rangers fan and is currently studying Computer Engineering at Hofstra University. You can follow him on Twitter: @5holeEric


  1. I dont think so man, although its possible I woud think it’s more likely an advertising agreement with chase financial…overlaying their banners to make them more colourful and eye-catching. If you look at the other side of the rink, the same sign looks the same as well…

  2. isnt that the banner in their hands? it wasnt even hung when this pic was taken!

    • Half the banner was already unfurled. The part in their hands (above the G in Rangers) is just a part of the banner.

  3. You can tell, if you zoom in, that the part of the Avery banner they are holding in their hands is in front of the rail, and it clearly drapes down, staying in front of the rail. The Chase “banner” is superimposed over the Avery banner. Clearly this is the Rangers organizations way of blocking out what they don’t want others to see. Really dirty IMHO.

  4. Who cares? Avery is an embarrassment, and no real hockey fan wants him on their team, or in the league. Move on

  5. Rangers are a joke and their fans are fat slob meatheads.