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One day, two brothers (Eric and Marc)–who happen to be avid New York Rangers fans–were discussing their beloved team. They had just witnessed two terrible games against the Kings and Ducks and were wondering what happened. The Rangers had come back from being down 3-0 to win 5-3 against a much more powerful team in Montreal just 2 days before playing the Kings. Plus, they were on a 3 game winning streak. They discussed the possibility of starting a blog to voice their frustration and different views of the same team.  Yadda yadda yadda, 5-hole was born.

A year later, Rory joined the team, and with her came pictures of shirtless hockey players and celebrity gossip.  For some strange reason, fart jokes and calls for Wade Redden’s head also increased around the time Rory joined.

This blog takes the fan’s perspective on sportswriting.  As the “Sports Guy” Bill Simmons wrote, “Why don’t more people write about sports from a fan’s perspective? . . . You could care about sports, have your little biases, live and die with your teams and still write about everything.”


  1. Nice win on Saturday. Still lacking scoring on the PP…Let’s take it to the Devils tonite!

  2. awsome blog boys. keep it up.

    We all pray that the rangers will make 94′ happen within our lives again!!


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