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Alternative Standings Systems

Click on a link below to view the Alternative Standings Systems for that season:


  1. How about 3pts Win 2pts O/T Win 1pt S/O Win and 0 loss?

  2. how about 3 points regulation or ot win (0 pts regulation or ot loss); 2 pts shootout win (1 pt shootout loss)?

  3. Something that would make this presentation more useful is if the individual charts indicated how the team’s position would shift (if at all). Or a summary chart that contrasted the different systems.

    • I’m working on including that. It’s a bit tougher.

    • I think the best choice to go with right now would be the chart comparing different systems team by team. I can’t figure out a way to include the current standings in the league, division and conference on all the different charts.

  4. I’ve been pushing this amongst co-workers and poolies and getting no traction, why don’t you give it a try:

    Every game is 5 points:
    5 points = regulation win
    4 points = OT win
    3 points = SO win
    2 points = SO loss
    1 point = OT loss
    0 points = regulation win

  5. I’d be really interested in seeing a chart that shows NHL points over time, as well as NHL standings over time, for each conference.

    I think it’d be interesting to see when teams have gone on hot streaks or cold streak (Leafs) and compare it to certain dates and events.

    I simply can not find this online.


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