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NHL Stats – 2010-11

I really enjoy the statistics of hockey. Over the last few years the NHL has vastly expanded the stats that they provide on their website, but there are still some stats they don’t have.

This page is dedicated to the statistics related to the entire league (individual players or teams) that you won’t find on NHL.com but that I find interesting.

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*Empty net goals, shootout goals, and the goal awarded to a team for winning the shootout are not included in this data.

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Goals and Shots per 60 minutes is different from goals per game or shots per game in the same way that GAA for a goalie is different from goals allowed per game played. At the end of the season, two different teams may have played 82 games, but each game is not necessarily only 60 minutes long. Many NHL games go to overtime which gives teams up to an additional five minutes to score another goal and take more shots on net.

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Players that have been traded count towards the totals for all teams played for during the current season. Only goals scored for the specific team are counted. For example, Wojtek Wolski began the season with the Phoenix Coyotes and now plays for the New York Rangers. When this was published Wolski had scored 11 goals this season (6 for PHX, 5 for NYR). Therefore, he was in the 1-5 category for the Rangers and the 6-10 category for the Coyotes.

Other stats will be added in the future. If anyone would like to see a stat you can’t find on NHL.com, let me know and I’ll see if I can get it posted here.

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